Civil Construction Matting Solutions

Civil Construction and Heavy Civil Construction focus on building core infrastructure as a major sector of the construction industry. This specialized segment of the industry requires the use of heavy equipment to manipulate over-sized components into specific locations with precision.

rane Mats - Access Mats - Civil Construction | Sterling Crane Mats

rane Mats - Work Platforms - Civil Construction | Sterling Crane Mats

Sterling Lumber provides sturdy and reliable matting solutions necessary to realize your goal and complete your projects safely. Crane and Access Mats maintain access to your projects and avoids on-site work stoppages.

Civil Construction Temporary Roads | Sterling Crane Mats

Construction Temporary Roads | Sterling Crane Mats

Whether its temporary roads, crane support, access roads, equipment work platforms, ground protection, rough terrain or water crossing. We offer the matting solutions that provides the stability to get the job done, despite interference from unpredictable weather.  Enabling builders and contractors worksite access to the most difficult terrain while providing safe conditions for crews and equipment.

Sterling Lumber has matting solutions to support all of your project needs.

Products for Oil & Gas Pipelines:

Typical Applications:

  • Crane Access

  • Crane Lifting Areas

  • Work Platforms

  • Laydown Yards

  • Turnaround Areas

  • Temporary Access Roads

  • Crew Safety

  • Water and Creek Crossing

  • Ground Stabilization & Travel Paths and Roadways