Trans Canada Refinery - Case Study

If You Need It......Sterling Can Build It!

If You Need It We Can Build It!  Trans Canadian Pipeline Substation, Hartford, IL

 TCPL needed a solution for installing an 8 heat exchanger cooling substation along its pipeline with safe access and secure mounting of its specialized cooling equipment. (The Trans Canadian Pipeline runs from Canada to Houston, TX.  Sterling Lumber worked with TCPL and Jones-Blythe Construction Co. to provide it.

The solution was to build the work platform using 140 Interlocking Access Mats (8 x 14' Standard Size). To mount and hold the weight of each 75,000-pound (35-ton) heat exchanger, the solution was to provide a slightly modified C-Channel Rig Mat (with custom corner reinforcement steel plates) at each end.

As a result, the cooling substation in Hartford, Illinois went up flawlessly and is doing its job as was expected. The success of this station will improve the efficiency of the pipeline.

We can work with your current project or provide a customized solution.   We base our recommendations on your goals to provide you with the best possible solution.