Harvesting & Sawmill Operations

Buying Manufacturer Direct Saves Time and Money!

Sterling Lumber own and operates sawmills across the United States that bring valuable raw lumber from the forest to our sawmill facilities. We process the lumber and ship by truck and rail to one of our manufacturing facilities,  which convert the processed lumber into finished products for you. We have the largest manufacturing capabilities (520,000 square feet) and inventory in the Midwest.  Our facility's manufacturer over 300 different products for the following industries: Wind Farm, Pipeline, Civil Construction, Marine Construction, Transmission Line and Power Plants.

By being vertically integrated we can provide the raw materials, maintain inventory levels, provide fast delivery and reduce the overall final cost to our clients.  Our extremely efficient operations allow us to bring the highest quality products at hard to beat prices.  Buying direct eliminates costly middleman and ensures you the best quality, availability and cost saving.  Please call us and learn more about how our company can help you achieve your goals.

Sterling's Process

Tree Harvesting1.  Logging - Severing the tree from the stump and bringing it to the ground.  Branches are cut off the trunk with chain saws.

Tree Harvesting from Forest2.  Extraction - Pulling the tree from the forest area to a landing or roadside.  Logs are taken by truck, rail or river to the sawmill.

Tree Decking and Sorting3.   Decking - The process for sorting the logs by species, size and end use.

Tree Debarking at Sawmill4.  Debarking - The bark is removed from the logs prior to entering the Head Saw.

Saw Mill Head Saw and Edging5.  The Head Saw and Edging - This laser guided saw cuts various lengths, widths and thicknesses from the various logs as ordered. 

Trimming of Logs6.  Trimming - Squares the ends at typical lumber lengths.

Timbers to Sterling Manufacturing6.  Logistics - Deliver the logs from the  sawmill to the manufacturing facilities.

Crane Mats8.  Manufacturing - The lumber goes thru various manufacturing operations for conversion to final product.