Barge and Marine Mats

Sterling Lumber manufactures an assortment of products that are used in the barge and marine industry. Typical applications include: aquatic construction, crane work, dredging, material loading and hauling, equipment transport, or any other specialized needs on rivers, lakes, harbors or marinas.

Barge Mats  - Marine Construction | Sterling Crane Mats

Sterling Floater Mats
Floaters are made with exactly the same design features of Sterling Lumber's Crane Mats, except that they are cut from solid Douglas Fir timbers. (Douglas Fir Crane Mats will float on water and are extremely useful on a wet job site.)

Floating Mats  - Marine Construction | Sterling Crane Mats

Sterling Lumber has matting solutions to support all of your project needs.

Products for Barge and Marine  Applications:

Typical  Applications:

  • Barge Decks
  • Barge Matting  
  • Floating Work Platforms
  • Crane Support
  • Equipment Support
  • Aquatic Construction
  • Material Loading
  • Crew Safety