Sterling Lumber History

Spanning more than 60 years of steady growth and strategic performance, Sterling Lumber has become a multi-faceted company that provides products and services to industries which are critical to North American and global infrastructures. Among these industries are transmission and power distribution, oil and gas pipelines, wind and coal power, hydropower and geothermal resources, heavy construction and steel production.

Combining modern technology, competitive inventory and seamless adaptability with the company's fundamental core values of quality, hard work and integrity, Sterling Lumber has become an invaluable partner to companies who invest in its innovative matting solutions, versatile construction timber and other signature products.

Sterling Lumber Opens New 520,000 Square Foot Plant in Phoenix, IL

Sterling has recently consolidated three manufacturing plants and 117 existing employees in one new facility in Phoenix, Illinois, and plans to add another 50 new employees over the next two years. The new 520,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant is located on 60 acres in Phoenix and offers customers a number of advantages including  increased production capacity, larger inventories, new manufacturing processes, cost control, faster delivery, the midwest's largest on-site heat treatment oven, plus a network of exceptional customer service agents who are prepared to help you streamline your business.

Sterling Lumber Crane and Access Mat Facility

Long Proven Success Story

In 1949, at the age of 41, Gerhard Sterling formed a scrap metal business in Northern Illinois. By 1970, Gerhard and his youngest son, John, had evolved the company into a successful lumber supplier.

Today, John and his four sons (Carson, Carter, Christian and Cooper) run a company built around six decades of consistency, quality and customer service.  With warehousing, manufacturing, and sawmill locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri, Sterling can deliver product coast-to-coast or internationally by truck, rail, or barge.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

The key to Sterling Lumber's successes has been its commitment to customer satisfaction with a personalized approach based on timeliness, experience, accuracy and problem-solving effectiveness. The family invested into all aspects of the business and incorporated modern technology, inventory and adaptability with the company’s core values of pride, hard work and trust.

Please call and inquire about our excellent products, services and customer service! We invite you to join our family!