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Oil and Gas Pipelines Matting Solutions

Access Mats - Oil and Gas Work platform | Sterling Crane Mats

Sterling Lumber provides innovative matting solutions for all Upstream, Midstream or Downstream Gas and Oil applications. We understand the needs and requirements of contractors that install and maintain the pipelines.

Traditional Gas & Oil Products:

The Sterling mats product line can help you quickly and efficiently build worksite platforms, turning areas, passing lanes, walkways, and temporary roadways to support pipeline construction, maintenance and inspection operations.  

Sterling Has Gone Beyond Wooden Mats

Sterling Lumber has gone beyond the traditional site solutions of wooden mats to support excavating equipment, by providing Composite Mats and TerraLam™ CLT Mat technology. These new products offer environmentally friendly alternatives and more cost effective logistics solutions.

Sterling Products Provide Work Site Safety

Crane Mats - Pipeline Worksite Platforms | Sterling Crane Mats

Pipeline construction and maintenance projects can take place in extreme weather and ground conditions and make work sites treacherous. The tough environment conditions can cause costly delays, safety issues, resulting in project overruns and wasted resources. You can have the confidence in the strength and quality of Sterling products to provide matting solutions for a safe and efficient worksite. Sterling can be a single source provider for all your matting needs, with a large inventory,  warehouse and central location, delivery can be fast and efficient no the matter the size of the project.

Sterling Lumber has matting solutions to support all of your project needs.




Products for Oil & Gas Pipelines:

Typical Applications:

  • Crane Access
  • Crane Lifting Areas
  • Work Platforms
  • Turnaround Areas
  • Temporary Access Roads
  • Pipeline Support
  • Crew Safety
  • Stable Lifting Areas
  • Ground Stabilization & Travel Paths and Roadways