Power Plant Matting Solutions

Sterling Lumber knows that successfully navigating various types of difficult terrain is part of the Power Industry’s everyday operations. Utility contractors within the Power Industry often encounter multiple unsuitable ground condition challenges when performing routine maintenance, preparing for an installation or replacement and especially in planning for new Power Plant construction. 

Crane and Access Mats - Power Plants | Sterling Crane Mats

When utility crews must access remote locations across environmentally sensitive areas, rely on Sterling Lumber to supply superior quality alternative energy matting solutions to meet every project need.

Ensure the safety of your work crews while protecting landscapes with stabilized staging areas and solid lay-down yards. Providing the most efficient temporary access bridge and roadway solutions to your project site with heavy-duty weight bearing capabilities, strong enough to support your highest capacity traffic. We also offer the ability to create a turnaround at the end of your temporary roadway allowing the same road to be used in entering and exiting the job-site for increased efficiency and cost savings.

Sterling Lumber has the matting solutions required to support all Power Plant projects.

Products for Power Plants:


Typical Applications

  • Crane Support
  • Crane Stabilization
  • Equipment Support
  • Crew Safety
  • Access Roads
  • Work Platforms