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Access Mats are created from:

  • 22 Dense Hardwood Surface Boards that are 2" x 8", cut to exactly 168"
  • 18 Dense Hardwood Center Boards that are 2"x 8", cut to exactly 96"
  • Secured by 162 (3/8"dia.) zinc-coated carriage bolts.

Each Access Mat is trimmed and squared, and then optionally outfitted with 3 Interlocking Boards for a perfect fit every time. Choice of Bolted (Classic) Access Mats, Interlocking Access Mats, Heavy Duty Access Mats or Square Access Mats – See Specifications for details.

Sterling Access Mat

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Standard Sizes

Thickness: 4.5"
Width: 8’
Length: 14’ or 16’
Stock Sizes: 8’ x 14’ and 8’ x 16’

Optional Configurations

  • Access Mats: 3 alternately applied layers of hardwood lumber compressed together with zinc-coated carriage bolts.
  • Interlocking Access Mats: 3 interlocking fingers allow mats to lock together  -  no tools required
  • Heavy Duty Access Mats: Solid top and bottom surfaces - no gap between hardwood boards
  • Square Access Mats: All sides of 3-ply mat are flush without any interlocking components
  • Optional Lifting Cables: We install wire rope into the mat


Sterling Lumber works with you to develop the Custom or Modified Access Mats to meet your project and load specifications assuring cost effectiveness and durability. Sterling TerraLam CLT Series Matting offers additional choices in strength, rigidity and shipping costs.


Sterling Access Mat Dimensions

Benefits of Access Mats versus 8" Crane Mats

  • 30-65% Lighter--Reduced Freight Cost by 30-65%
  • 50% Faster Installation
  • 50% Faster Extraction
  • Larger Square Area, Stronger, As Effective and Durable


Sterling Bolted Access Mat


Quality Manufactured

Sterling Lumber Manufactures Access Matting

Optional Lifting Cords

Sterling Access Mat Lifting Cord

Staging Platform

Sterling Access Mat Staging Platform


Temporary Access Road

Sterling Access Mat Temporary Road

Worksite Platform

Sterloing Access Mat Work Platform