TerraLam 300 CLT Access Mat

Sterling TerraLam™ 300 CLT Access Mat; Revolutionary Design - 3-Layer Cross Laminated Timber Mats

At less than half the weight of a traditional Bolted Oak Access Mat, the Sterling CLT Mat is twice as strong and 5 times stiffer.

The revolutionary design has a solid top making them easy to clean and prevent the migration of site to site contamination.

  • Save up to 50% on Shipping – 36  TerraLam CLT Mats per Truck

  • Easy to Clean Solid Top Surface – Helps Prevent Site-to-Site Contamination

  • Rapid, Cost-Effective Delivery, Unloading and Deployment at the Jobsite

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Product Info
  •  Stock Size: 8' x 14-16' x 4-1/4”
  •  3-Layer
  •  Width 8'
  • Interlock Option (fingers)
  • Superior Strength - Span 12 feet at 1.6 inch of deflection at a loading weight of 25000 lbs.

Sterling TerraLam 300 Dimensions

TerraLam 300 CLt Mat

Images of TerraLam 300 CLT  Mat

Temporary Road with TerraLam 300 Matting

Sterling TerraLam Matting Temporary Road

TerraLam Work Platform

Access Road and Ground Protection

Half the Weight means lower shipping costs

Sterling TerraLam 300 Mat with Interlock

Crane Stability and Access

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