Where People & Safety Comes First

Sterling Lumber believes in a personal commitment to safety from timber harvesting to job site delivery. Our management team works hard to understand your business needs, workplace environment and operational priorities, in order to manufacture and deliver safe products that ultimately deliver increased workforce performance.

Sterling Lumber builds the finest quality Crane Mats in the market, choosing only the best dense hardwoods from their timberland. More important, however, is the measure of safety that Sterling Lumber builds into their Crane Mats. Each Crane Mat is made safer by creating consistent narrow notches, countersinking all nuts, and ensuring that any long bolts are cut flush to the surface of the mat. These steps greatly reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries for your workforce.

We’re proud of our strong reputation as a high quality mat manufacturer and believe the depth of our 60 years of experience in many industry's place us in the best position to deliver the right outcome for you — a safe, and productive workplace.