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Illinois: Manufacturing and Headquarters

Our central location allows us to ship hardwood lumber and lumber products throughout the United States and Canada with ease. We own a fleet of delivery trucks that quickly service hardwood lumber needs in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and central Canada.

With our on-site railhead and nearby water access, we can provide lumber shipping flexibility. We also provide an on-site logistics coordinator to arrange and monitor your lumber, lumber products and mat shipments (Crane Mats, Access Mats, Rig Mats, and other new and used lumber matting) to ensure on time delivery at the best price.

Missouri: Milling

Having access to the largest selection of quality hardwood lumber in the Midwest lets us control material costs and maintain high levels of lumber stock availability.

Our locations were chosen with lumber transportation costs in mind, making lumber distribution and storage of new and used hardwood lumber products convenient and economical.

Canada: Warehousing and Canadian Import Assistance

Located in Grande Prairie and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, our strategically placed lumber import facilities allow quick access and shipping coast-to- coast. Our railheads and quick highway access to all directions, can provide you with distinct strategic and cost advantages. Our logistics specialist is available to assist with your shipments to Canada (Canadian Lumber Import), and keeps your bottom line cost down by maintaining inventories for you locally and then shipping as it is required.