Electrical Transmission and

Power Distribution Matting Solutions

Sterling Lumber understands the complicated and difficult requirement the electrical transmission power providers and contractors face that installs and maintain our nation’s power grid. Sterling manufacturer’s crane and access mats that are strong, cost effective, safe and easily installed.

Matting is a low cost alternative to expensive gravel roads, the mats can support the large equipment used during maintenance, removal and installation of electrical transmission lines.  Large level work areas (generally 100 feet by 100 feet), called crane pads, are easily installed to stabilize equipment, such as drill rigs and cranes.

ccess Mats for Temporary Roads - Electrical Transmission | Sterling Crane Mats

ork Platform Access Mats Electrical Transmission | Sterling Crane Mats

Sterling has matting solutions for all applications and can be used to cross fields, farmland, right-of-way access, bridge creeks, streams and provide access to line and to utility poles no matter the environmental condition or time requirement. The mats are of the highest quality and manufactured in our facility located in the Midwest.

Access Matting - Electrical Transmission | Sterling Crane Mats

Temporary Road Mats Power Distribution | Sterling Crane Mats

Costly delays due to poor weather or difficult terrain will be reduced allowing your crews and equipment to experience less downtime. Our mats provide a safe and solid temporary structure, allowing easy access to structures that require removal, maintenance or installation. Whether it’s a short distance or thousands of acres Sterling can provides matting to match the necessary requirements and the logistics demand. 

Whether its traditional Hardwood Crane Mats, Timber Mats, TerraLam CLT Mats, Composite Mats or Installation Services Sterling’s mat can be used in or around wetlands to protect the environmentally sensitive areas and preserve the soil during construction.

Sterling can help you carefully plan the sequence of delivery of matting products during construction to allow workers to safe access to power lines without out interrupting the electrical power distribution process.

Sterling Lumber has matting solutions to support all your project needs.

Products for Power T & D:

Typical Applications:

  • Crane Access
  • Environmental Protection
  • Temporary Access Roads
  • Right-Of-Way Access
  • Water & Creek Crossing
  • Equipment Extraction
  • Ground Stabilization & Travel Paths and Roadways
  • Stable Lifting Areas
  • Turnaround Areas
  • Utility Pole Access
  • Wet Land Access
  • Work Platforms