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Wind Farm Site Safety: Cranes and Access Mats

Wind farm turbine construction requires some of the largest equipment in use today. Lifting components in excess of 90 tons to heights exceeding 300 feet require strict attention to safety.
Every project in the wind industry has unique, project-specific needs, and access and crane safety needs to be addressed with the overall project needs.  

Sterling Lumber has matting solutions for every application you will need, with a wide range of products that provides economical solutions to help control your cost of wind farm installation and maintenance. We have large inventories and can supply your needs quickly and efficiently, nationwide. Rent or Buy Sterling has a solution that will be beneficial for you!

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Crane, Crew and
Work Site Safety

Many crane incidents are due to poor ground stabilization and inadequate outrigger pads. Ground surface capabilities should be determined with each activity, whether it's hoisting a load or simply walking the crane. Crane and Access mats provide economical means to site access and project efficiencies while providing a safe environment for your workers. Crane and Access Mats can allow transporting of heavy construction equipment without destroying or causing any permanent damages to the surrounding landscape.


  • Reduce Equipment Downtime
  • Faster Work Site Access
  • Crew and Equipment Safety
  • Safe Lifting Areas
  • Economical Solutions





Products for Wind Power:

Typical Applications:

  • Crane Access (heavy cranes)
  • Crane Lifting Areas
  • Work Platforms
  • Turnaround Areas
  • Temporary Access Roads
  • Laydown Yard
  • Parts Storage
  • Dunnage Storage
  • Crew Safety
  • Stable Lifting Areas
  • Ground Stabilization & Travel Paths and Roadways
  • Uneven Ground Crossing